What is 5BF?


New York ranks among the most corrupt states in the country.

Nine million New York City residents find themselves at the mercy of one of the most corrupt state governments in the country, a hostile White House, and local politicians captured by machine politics, special interests, and their own ambitions for the next job. As a result, our city suffers. Our schools remain hopelessly segregated, our neighborhoods are increasingly unaffordable, and our transportation system is falling apart.

It doesn’t have to be this way. Over the next few years, we have the opportunity to promote policies and ideas  commensurate with the talent and ambition of this city, and create an environment where strong leaders can make New York City a place where the most vulnerable among us can flourish.

Five Borough Future is the vision to make that happen.

NYC autonomy.png

New York City Autonomy

The New York State legislature holds ever-increasing power over the city’s future. New York City has been stripped of many of the regulatory, taxation, or enforcement powers that other major U.S. cities take for granted. We’ve lost control over decisions affecting everything from the core functions of our transit and public housing systems to more pedestrian concerns like whether we have speed cameras on our streets or plastic bags in our grocery stores. We must fight to restore that power to the city as possible.

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Government Reform

New York needs an energetic and ethical government at all levels. That includes key reforms to make state and city government more transparent—as well as changes to our campaign finance and voting systems to lower the barriers to entry for elected office. Beyond that, we need a competent and focused Mayor and City Council who will put in the time and effort to ensure that our city government delivers results for the people of New York.


Five Borough Future, a project of Arena and Arena Summit, is a plan to achieve that vision.

It has three parts: Fellowship, Academy, and Policy.